Our story

My name is Kris Van Den Bussche and I have more than 37 years of experience in the world of pigeons, I started when I was thirteen and never got rid of the microbe.

My daughter Lot has also been playing with the pigeons since 2020, the microbe infected from her daddy. By the way, she already achieved good results with the youth, with, for example, in 2020 - her first season - a 10th place nationally.

We - my daughter Lot and myself - play sprint up to middle distance & this only with youngsters. All flights from Arras, Clermont and Fontenay are raced here anyway from the first to the last flight. We will continue with a smaller group to the National flights.  Our best result is a 1st provincial victory from Pontoise against 3586 pigeons.

The idea to start an auction website for racing pigeons came during the first corona lockdown. I had time and sitting still is not for me and this project had been playing in my head for a while. Because I already bought pigeons a few times on an auction site and did not always find the operation smooth or correct. Considering I already manage a webshop - namely Guds.be - and my passion for the pigeon sport, I thought this was an ideal combination to start this up.

We started in May 2022 and look forward to making this project a success.

All enthusiasts large or small are welcome on our website!

For all your questions info@pigeons4you.be or +32476/796315